Our quality is the product of over 50 years of experience, research and steadfast commitment. The company started it’s activity in wood processing in 1958, functioning at that time as a handicraft workshop, and by 1994 it has gone through several forms of organization and membership. The legal formalities for the division were completed in 1994, when S.C. ARDUDANA S.A. Ardud was registered as an independent company at the Satu Mare Trade Register, obtaining autonomy and legal personality according to the registration act.

During this period, SC ARDUDANA SA develops strongly, promoting it’s own production brand in the country as well, being already known by the same profile companies on the international markets. Many things have changed since the beginning of the business, and the ability to keep up with market trends, constantly looking to new horizons has made it possible – with the change of management team in 2007 – for us to offer customers a wide range of products.

The company has new technologies and the management is constantly preoccupied with investments in refurbishment. Currently, the company SC ARDUDANA SA is one of the largest furniture factories in Romania. Approximately 90% of the production is destined for the foreign market, in countries such as: Germany, England, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Russia.