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The setting of a contemporary story. This is how the pieces from the Anabell collection could be best defined, surprising with a perfect elegance, which undoubtedly recalls the incomparable charm of Italy in the first half of the twentieth century, in which brilliance was one of the leitmotifs.
Anabell materializes in a charming way this classic glow, giving birth to refined pieces, pleasant by the soothing warmth they transmit, as if inviting to dream and contemplation. The imagination can be carried away by the calm flow of the lines of this collection, getting lost in the mirrors in which silhouettes from other times seem to be reflected. The curves are defining and characteristic of the Anabell collection, expressing an enveloping tenderness, suitable for family spaces and personalities who are not afraid to show their classic side in the tumult of modern life. The curved fronts are completed by the glass that follows the same languid lines, but also by the discreet luster of the material that harmoniously completes the brilliance of this collection.
Anabell is available in several shades, from light, ideal for a bright and comfortable interior, discreet and open at the same time, to the darkest, perfect for spaces characterized by a feeling of friendly warmth, harmony and security. Also, the collection is designed to offer you pieces for the living room, bedroom and dining room, all having the main idea of creating a pleasant setting both by the special appearance and by the practical side adapted to our days.
The Anabell collection surprises with a refined simplicity, from both the lines and the decor, which highlights even more the special details. The carefully carved lezena fits perfectly in the special volume, harmonizing with the fronts and the curved glass, with the delicate luster of the material and with the unique shades of the wood. Personalized with your favorite accessories and decorations, Anabell will tell anyone who watches it, the contemporary story of a space that has become a home.