• Comoda Imperial
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  • Pat Imperial
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The Imperial collection is distinguished by the astonishing richness of carefully crafted details, inspired by the imperial Baroque-Rococo style, highlighting the carefully crafted ornamentation elements. The pieces express so well the romantic atmosphere specific to the 18th century, capitalizing on their volubility and exuberance in the most refined way possible.
Imperial is the collection of an almost dreamlike, ineffable world, bringing to reality a dream of greatness hidden in each of us. The glory period of the French Empire comes to life in the very intimacy of our contemporary home, the furniture becoming a bridge over time and space. The unmistakable style of a rare sensitivity in details of the Imperial collection will undoubtedly conquer those who want an interior in which to feel pampered and to find peace in a comfortable and unique environment.
The sculptures are made by hand, our craftsmen putting all their skill and talent in creating real wooden jewelry, making the massive and raw material an amazing expression of art and creative imagination. The rounded lines, the model of the sculptures create games of light and shadow, of shades and perspectives that make the viewer discover with surprise an almost endless suite of images, reflections, sparkles.
The Imperial collection is distinguished by the high degree of manufacture, which translates into a longer working time, but also in the realization of unique pieces by the care taken in details. To all this, we added the use of natural marble, giving a special note of distinction, elegance and, once again, originality, due to the natural inserts of the stone.
Imperial fits perfectly with spacious spaces, beautifully dressing interiors with a special brightness, taking advantage of it to highlight the richness of the waving ornaments. Emitting a soft, unburdening mystery, the furniture of the Imperial collection is an open invitation to discover comfort beyond grandeur.