The Maria collection is the second collection we created, born from the unwavering belief that we can improve our craft and nurtured by the experience and talent of our workers and the desire to offer you furniture with the right soul for a house full of life.
Maria is a special collection because of the special atmosphere she can create, through the positivism she inspires, welcoming you with familiarity, discretion and warmth. The solid wood we use for the pieces of this collection lends its properties, thus giving rise to furniture elements that emanate stability, durability, confidence.
The variety offered by this range opens the doors to imagination and creativity, leaving to explore countless possibilities to combine pieces and accessorize ensembles and thus addressing those who know that elegance is always defined by personal inventiveness. Maria is, through the sobriety and simplicity of the lines and angles, the classic allure of its elements and the balance that characterizes it, a suitable choice for interiors of a gentle and restful refinement. The high quality cherry veneer that we use for this collection, as well as the sculptural elements, increase its charm, surprising us with a rich play of shades and reflections and a touch of ineffable sensitivity.
The Maria collection is divided into pieces for the living room, dining room, bedroom and office, thus being able to respond to different desires and needs, and at the same time to create unity and balance in and between rooms. The living room and dining room spaces dedicated to family activities and with friends, will participate in a relaxing and positive atmosphere, warmly welcoming your guests in an elegant setting. The office favors concentration, but it can also be a real quiet refuge, for a solitary evening of reading. The bedroom of this collection is designed for increased comfort, the peace that inspires simplicity inviting you to meditation and rest.
The Maria collection, surprising by its apparent sobriety, invites you to discover its delicate beauty hidden in the steady elegance of its aristocratic outfit.