Inspired by the Louis XV style, the Monalisa collection subtly takes you on a journey through time, surprising with a beauty that seems to come from the very materiality of wood. We have thus created a collection that can be admired as a work of art, paying homage to the great masters who inspired us, but also to the craftsmen, often left anonymous, who put their skills in the service of wood.
The Monalisa is of a special complexity, refinemently combining several specific elements and at the same time managing to stay close to the soul, inviting you to dream, to explore the inner world. Seductive as the famous smile of the one whose name it lends, the Monalisa collection delicately reveals its mystery. The viewer is often surprised by such a successful balance, based even on a fine attraction of opposites. The massiveness of the wood, the strength it expresses, its durable character, are counterbalanced by the details whose finesse inspires a feeling of calm, timelessness and ageless beauty. The sculpted crown that the elements of this collection wear proudly is truly a wooden jewel, in which the incomparable craftsmanship of our workers is expressed unfettered. The delicate inlays bring to mind the enchanting interiors of the Renaissance nobility, putting art in its rightful place. The curved fronts complete the charm of the pieces in this collection, the soft and sinuous lines seem to give corporality to the artistic sensibility.
Made with exotic veneers, leaving visible the natural colors of the wood, each piece being so unique, the Monalisa collection seduces with its ability to give a special personality to the spaces it covers. A dining room furnished with these pieces will delight its guests with a welcoming and sophisticated setting at the same time, and the living room furniture gives the room an atmosphere of subtle serenity. The bedroom of the Monalisa collection is warm and intimate, the wood giving out a pleasant feeling of protective space, the specific details of the collection adding a special charm of seductive mystery.