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The Regal collection distinguishes itself through the elegance and finesse of the baroque style from which it is inspired. The hand-carved details, the walnut veneer used, the harmonious lines are the defining elements of the collection, emanating passion and personality.
Designed for those who think refinement is indispensable in decorating the house, Regal combines the discreet luxury of solid wood, the warmth of colors and the uniqueness of carved elements, to give you the furniture that turns a house into a home. The pieces of the Regal collection are characterized by diversity, being created to adapt to different interiors and preferences, but also to meet the requirements of a contemporary life, defined by the need for functionality and comfort.
The collection is designed for interior spaces with different destinations: the bedroom pieces are designed for comfort and relaxation, the office furniture offers a harmonious and functional surrounding, the living room and dining room being welcoming, friendly, auspicious to moments of conviviality. All this will give personality to any space and will reflect the unique character of the owners. Therefore, Regal is the perfect collection for those who know that luxury is not always synonymous with opulence and extravagance, being rather born by the discreet and tasteful combination of individual elements designed to combine elegantly with each other. Whether it is the more limited space of an apartment or the vast one of a personal residence, the pieces of the Royal collection will definitely adapt to the existing interior and will create the right atmosphere, the one in which everyone will feel surrounded by the pampering characteristic of a royal court, and the imagination will not stop you from transposing yourself into this special atmosphere.
Regal collection evokes the passion and sensitivity of an era of refined beauty, bringing to modernity the nobility, charm and timeless distinction through every detail that defines it, to which the skill and creativity of our craftsmen add the magical drop of passion that transforms a simple piece of furniture into furniture with soul.