Thinking of the rich Italian province from which we “stole” the name, we created the Veneto collection out of the desire to shape an almost paradoxical idea: a successful combination between the rigor of a modernist style and the impetuousness of the classical elements.
Veneto is a collection of contrasts, surprising and yet of an unsuspected familiarity. The essence of this collection lies in an elegant discretion and an apparent sobriety of straight lines complemented almost with guidance by an exuberant freshness of curved lines. We were inspired by the style of the 50’s to create simple and functional furniture elements, to which we added special carved details specific to a pure classicism. Far from being anachronistic, this togetherness gave birth to special pieces of furniture through the very paradox that they break.
The straight and rigorous lines, the corner shapes are charmingly balanced by the linings in warm colors or quilted leather, and the reinterpretation of the pure classic foot takes us into a past with a fine and elegant scent, with a characteristic softness. Using Tuscan artisanal technique and the same meticulousness in details, we created a versatile design, the seductive expression of a narrative and stylistic transition from the past to a functional and warm contemporaneity.
Veneto is perhaps our most pragmatic collection, addressing those who appreciate simplicity and functionality, while reserving the pleasure of discovering the beauty of old objects. Playing with contrasts, Veneto manages to create a soothing and intimate decor, giving a special personality to the spaces it occupies. The pieces of this collection are open to the most diverse accessorization ideas, leaving room for everyone’s creativity in designing a personal comfort. The play of angles and shapes, between old and new, between feminine and masculine, straight and round gives an unexpected feeling of delicate and sensitive approach.