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The third collection we created with a passion for beauty, Larisa, is the embodiment in pieces of furniture of the meaning that her name is said to bear in Greek: grace.

Harmonious by the finesse of the neoclassical style that balances the moderate sobriety of the lines, this collection is an ideal answer to the need for stability that the tumultuous daily life creates more and more often. The Larisa collection is differentiated by a steady and ageless beauty, a sophisticated authenticity and a timeless refinement, qualities that make it ideal for people for whom beauty means both delicacy and constancy.
Walnut veneer and walnut root enhance the feeling of familiarity, welcoming and relaxing space, while providing the perfect setting for business meetings, making room for creativity and concentration, through the warm colors and the characteristic play of shades. Thus, each piece is under the sign of uniqueness, imposing itself through difference, in a world that tends towards uniformity. The apparent imperfection of these details turns into the element that imprints the personality. For those who prefer the brightness and delicacy of light colors, the Larisa collection is revealed with an ivory finish, which seems to complete its charm.
The grace in the name of the collection is found in the symmetry of the lines, in the clean style and soothing elegance of pure non-classicism, combined with the beauty of the special, golden, surprising inlays, under the sign of baroque influences. The Larisa collection is available in pieces for a sophisticated and delicate bedroom, for a formal and practical living room, for a welcoming living room with personality. Also, some elements of the collection will easily create or integrate into your workspace, giving it a lovely touch of authenticity and originality.
The Larisa collection was therefore created to address those who want a balanced and graceful interior, with elements that elegantly combine finesse and functionality, the care of decorations and the sobriety of volumes.