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The lavender plains and the bright sun of Provence were our source of inspiration for the Noah Collection. Characterized by a simplicity with a French air, the furniture in this collection conveys that “joie de vivre” so specific to the south of France, which each of us dreams to discover and keep, especially in the comfort of our own home.
The Noah collection is special due to a modern and versatile design, according to those for whom elegance is hidden in the genuineness of flawless lines and in the delicacy of details. The pieces created for this collection are highlighted by the timeless beauty they evoke, giving the feeling of openness and brightness in any space they occupy. Due to the refined style, the pieces will be harmoniously combined with various decorations, integrating into Scandinavian-inspired interiors, youthful and fickle, while also matching classic decors, with a studied maturity.
Noah’s bedrooms are for dreamy, romantic people, for whom good taste is the watchword. They will fall in love with the calm the pieces of this collection carry in every detail, with the combinations of an extraordinary finesse and with the invitation to reverie that they launch. The straight lines are sweetened by the majestic curves, keeping the soothing simplicity of the Provencal decor, adding surprising touches and playful accents.
Through the wide range of finishes and upholstery and the surprising combinations between them, the furniture of the Noah collection breaks the sobriety of simple lines and highlights them precisely through these associations that give rise to unique pieces, in which fantasy also has a say. French charm, Provencal warmth, brightness and openness, these are the qualities through which we have tried to create a special ambiance and through which the Noah Collection will hopelessly conquer you.