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Exclusive luxury living room


Starting from the refinement of the classic movement and inspired by the Italian fairytale scenery, the Verona Collection combines passion for beauty, care for quality and extraordinary undivided attention to the smallest of details.

The “crazy” period of the 20s and 30s is reflected in every item of the Verona Collection by the elegance and harmony of the lines, the rich and luxurious ornamentation, but also by the functionality. The ornamental frieze catches the eye and surprises with the delicacy similar to a Chantilly lace, worked with care and affection for beauty, highlighting the quality of materials and the skills of our craftsmen. The hand-crafted details stand out for their finesse and uniqueness, gradually being discovered by the viewer who is constantly surprised by a special cut, an unexpected element or a unique angle.
Inspired by the cultural and architectural richness of the city to which it lends its name, Verona is intended for those who appreciate precious materials and surprisingly contrasting combinations of textures and colors. In other words, to those who love art in all its facets. The classic shapes, the elegant lines, the ornamental sculptures are reminiscent of the Italian Artistic Renaissance, integrated in a perfect harmony in practical pieces of furniture.
The Verona collection is available in several color combinations, offering you a variant with gold leaf, the quintessence of a refined luxury and a bold elegance.
The living room furnished with Verona pieces creates a relaxing space where you can escape from the tumult of contemporary everyday life, with family or friends. The living room becomes a central point of the house, thanks to a comfortable and practical furniture that seems to invite discussions around the table. The bedroom is a real comfortable refuge after a tiring day, filling you with an intimate and personal setting. The furniture for the hall stands out without a doubt, reminiscent of the reception halls of the European interwar aristocracy. You will be able to easily imagine Gatsby entering your house.
The Verona collection is undoubtedly the best choice for those who appreciate classic elegance but are not afraid of the boldness of modernity.