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Classic living room


The Victoria collection draws inspiration from British neoclassicism to materialize in wood the timeless beauty of simple shapes and lines.

he sober but delicate elegance of the pieces comes from the play of volumes with a precise verticality that seems to transpose the very aspiration towards the ideal.

This sobriety, a specific British feature, suits bright and spacious interiors, giving them charm and highlighting them with perfect good taste. Without becoming austere, the furniture in the Victoria collection perfectly combines this vertical simplicity with elements inspired by Greek antiquity. The ornamental frieze thus balances the moderation of English classicism, adding a note of feminine finesse. This original combination of eras and styles adds a special charm to our collection and gives it a special personality among the other collections. The sculpted details, of a special refinement, are characterized by discretion, coming as if only to complete the already present beauty, to enhance it, without imposing itself in the overall image, being highlighted by the finish worked with care and precision.
The Victoria collection is therefore suitable for people with a special sense for beauty, for those who want a flawless, classic and refined furniture, for those who appreciate the rigor and perfect knowledge of the craft. The veneer game is the one that adds a unique note, giving uniqueness to the pieces and breaking the chromatic monotony, with a surprising playful note.
The dining room furniture from the Victoria collection will impress your guests with the balance it inspires, creating a wonderful setting for convivial meetings. If you want a workspace that reminds you of the charm of English offices and gives you the peace you need for an ideal concentration, the sobriety of this collection is the best choice for a dedicated interior. The Victoria living room will entice you with a calm and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for family reunions. At the same time, in the bedroom you will find a restful intimacy that draws itself from the warm delicacy of the combinations of elements and decors.