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      MONACO HALL SET „Why Monaco?! Because when you say Monaco you mean: Lux-Royalty-Casino… In the Ardudana world, the Monaco Collection means: luxury product worthy of "Royalty", modern product arranged on Gold Metal legs and buttons fixed in a small / big bourgeois step, a product that is suitable for both fabrics in bold colors, but also sober, giving it a chic look.”

  This year as well, Ardudana stands alongside young designers enrolled in the interior design courses organized by DallesGO. In order to express their creativity, we offer the new talents 11 models of Ardudana chairs which they can customize according to their own style. The model chosen as the winner, will be customized in the Ardudana workshops and will be given to the winner.

  We present Young Western, a furniture collection that can easily be displayed in a room for boys. Looking at the furniture designed for boys, you can jump to the wild west (contrasting colors with an arid landscape found in western movies, bedside buttons and leather handles - which could make you think of a horse saddle + blue upholstery inspired by cowboy jeans). All the elements have been designed in such a way